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Michigan Traditional Siamese Kittens For Sale

Pure Breed

"Old Style" Pure Bred "APPLEHEAD" SIAMESE

Our Classic Old Style Traditional Siamese Kittens



Located in Southeast Michigan 

We are dedicated to the well being of our kittens,

 because we care and enjoy each one of them.


 Kitten photos on our web pages are of our kittens from our prior litters

   Web Page UPDATED on 7-06-05 


We have a Female Seal Point kitten available. Email us for an approval form. 

 Located in  South East Michigan. No shipping 

  $375.00 to approved home.  10 weeks old. Current photo of kitten below

Advailable:  Dark Chocolate Point Adult Female to approved home.

Seeking  home for this wonderful adult purebred fixed female. Must go to a home without other cats.  She is a sweet and loving lap kitty.  Adoption fee: $135.00. No shipping. Email us for more information and for an approval form.

Our pure bred registered Classic Traditional Siamese parent cats are our pets first.  Our Classic Traditional Siamese kittens are raised as part of our family  

It's our pleasure to introduce the sire of our Classic Traditional Siamese kittens,

 Sisco Kitty From Siam


Sisco Kitty  is a very handsome Seal Point Apple Head Traditional Siamese cat.  

 He  rules our home AND our hearts. 

He's friendly,  outgoing and enjoys caring for his babies.   

New born kitten with sire, Sisco 

The Apple of Daddy's eye

The Classic Traditional Siamese is an intelligent, people cat which enjoys
human companionship, their home and families.

They are a breed of cat that enjoy a great deal of attention. 

 Sire Sisco & Lilly Ann kitten

 Classic Traditional Siamese like to be the center of  your attention.


The Classic Traditional Siamese breed is well-adapted to life in a house or an apartment.

Kitten, Rossetta& Sire Sisco.. 

They are inquisitive and friendly, and like nothing better than to sit in the middle of something you are trying to do, lie on your lap, sleep in your bed or snuggled up with you and purr.


We specialized in Seal Points. Our Classic Traditional Siamese like to follow us around the house. See what we are up too. Our Classic Traditonal Siamese kittens are very active, playful and fun to watch.  Our  Classic Traditonal Siamese cats and kittens enjoy being  petted, talked too and to be admired. To us, the Classic Traditonal Siamese cat are simply the most wonderful clean companions to have in your home.  Our kittens are home raised.  


Our Classic Old Style Apple Head Traditional Siamese is a well balanced Siamese cat which a smaller version of the larger cobby old style Traditional  Siamese. A Classic Traditional Siamese does not have a wedge head with large ears like the modern Siamese with it's extremely long body and legs.  Simply put the Classic Old Style Tradtional Siamese is balanced with no extremes. No shipping for we must meet each family in person.


Do you measure up for one of our kittens?


 Filling out our questionaire approval  form shows us how serious you are about our  Classic Traditional Siamese kittens. We will only take those people serious who complete our approval form. 

We are dedicated to our cats and their kittens. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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Email us:

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